Website Maintenance

Let Us Manage Your Website

Would you be comfortable enough to update your WordPress version, theme or plugins? How about making backups and optimising your cache? Adding an SSL certificate to make your site secure? This can be pretty repetitive or very technical tasks but when undertaken by novices, they may spell disaster for your website. For peace of mind, ask us about our maintenance packages.

All of our monthly packages include time for your website updates. Those updates could include the creation of a new page or simple edits. We can also undertake the following tasks for you:

  • Adding, removing or editing text, videos, photos or files
  • Making changes to your navigation or menus
  • Updating and fixing various links
  • Creating, updating and integrating forms

It is very important to perform regular maintenance of your website to keep your site up to date. Here are a few reasons explaining why we think regular updates are necessary: It indicates to your visitors that your business is active. Frequent changes will make your visitors aware of your business activity, and they will come back more often to check your news out. It boosts your search rankings. Google and other search engines regularly check the frequency of website changes and this will help determine rankings along with other info. Continued improvement. Regular updates will show big improvements in the long run when comparing your Web reports.

Website maintenance packages

Each of our packages below is designed to suit the size and needs of your organisation. If you just need maintenance to be performed, along with a few updates for your small website, then the Silver package may be best for you. However, if you are looking for maintenance but also regular improvement as well as SEO (search engine optimisation) for your medium/large website, then the Gold and Platinum solutions will be perfect for you.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the list below, contact us and we can look at creating a tailored package for you.

Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly Hours for Updates 3 hours 7 hours 12 hours
Monthly full site and database backup
Monthly traffic reports
SEO health report Annually Quarterly
Google penalties
Broken link audit
Crawl errors
Internal link analysis
Page titles
Meta descriptions
Image ALT tags
Verify site crawlability
Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt file updates
Annual user experience audit
Content readability
Site usability
Mobile usability
Content style and layout
Dedicated service contact