We created the Corporate Photography website from scratch, after the owner of the domain name asked us to create a visually original site to show his corporate photography, after receiving more and more enquiries in the previous year and having a limited portfolio to showcase.

We decided to go for the masonry grid look as it is ever so popular in photography websites these days and it allows for a clean representation of an online portfolio. You can click on a given image and it will display in a lightbox, making it easier to look at the bigger picture. We chose to have three different sections in the portfolio: Lifestyle | Events | Headshots which are the main domains of corporate photography.


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Corporate Photography website

Having just been created, the site is not really ranking in the search engines at the moment, but it was not originally built for that purpose. Our client just needed an online portfolio to send to his potential customers when writing emails to them. He was also interesting in using it for various digital marketing campaigns, and for PPC via Adwords.

The site is not regularly updated with new content, or maybe once a year or so. Business who may be interested to hire our client have commented the site is very clear and fast and showcase its work superbly.

Going forward, our client has acquired a whole variety of similarly built domain names, and he has asked us to look into helping him build them for him little by little. He is also interested in the idea of hiring them to other photographers who may be looking to showcase their photos to their clients through an attractive domain name.

Our “” range has got several domains in it, including but not limited to: • • • • • • • •

great for Google
Adwords anytime