We created the Cambridge Photographers website from scratch, as we owned the domain name, we had originally kept it for a client who was thinking of opening a shop of the same name, but after consulting with colleagues heavily involved into SEO, they encouraged us to create a website for the domain name.

We decided to create a one-page website, more akin to a landing page so that visitors would either book or go away. We created a logo from scratch, added content to the site and published it within two weeks of the start of the project. Two weeks later it was top of page one of Google for the keywords present in the domain name, and it is still there to this day.


  • Cambridge Photographers


  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Lead Generation
Cambridge Photographers website

Because of its prominent position in the search engines, the website gets a lot of clicks from people searching for a whole variety of things related to photography in Cambridge. It’s relatively low bounce rate makes also for very healthy readings, which indicates that visitors spend quite a long time on the site.

We update the site regularly either with new content, or seasonal offers, and we get a great response from the public in general. People who book us often comment on the fact that we often answer our enquiries within 10 minutes of receiving them, and they truly appreciate the fact that they can get a quote within one hour of sending their enquiry.


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Clicking “Request a quote” takes you straight away to the Contact form at the bottom of the website, and it is very easy to fill the form and send it for a quick quote. The pictures on the website look fresh and diverse, and the lack of too many pictures will make the customers ask for more when they enquire and you can then redirect them to a precise portfolio page or a specific photographer’s website.

The most popular enquiry on the site has got to be portraits, either family or individual portraits. Followed by event photography enquiries. Then wedding photography enquiries. We also get a fair share of gift voucher sales through the site. We were told many times that the logo smacks of authenticity and quality. Which is a credit to our graphic designer really, he created the logo from scratch and it is so popular, we have rolled it out to all our “city+photographers” range.

generating £20K+ in
revenue each year